Effective ways to memorize English words in English lessons, 2019

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Our brains perceive what we read and transform it into images, ideas, and feelings, and then form connections between new information and what we already know. So there is memorization-the new is combined with the old. Imagine a tree. Isn’t it easier to see a large spreading tree with many branches and leaves than a small tree with a few twigs? The same is true for the brain. When you combine a new word or concept with something you already know, it’s easier for the brain to find it and remember it at the right moment. How to do it? Very simply. Draw a network of concepts. Take what you want to remember (word, idea, sentence) and write it in the center of the sheet. Then draw lines from it in all directions, like a spider’s web.

At the end of each line, write down any English words or even draw pictures that come to your mind when you think of the word written in the center. No matter what the associations are, just write down whatever you come up with. It will only take a couple of minutes, and now all the words or concepts will be interconnected in your brain. If you see or hear one of them, it will be easier to remember the others.

To make it work even better, pronounce how this or that word in English is related to others. The more often you do this, the more connections are formed. And the more connections, the easier it is for your brain to «see» the word you want to remember.

Remember the phrase (phrase)

It is important to remember a word, but English, like any other language, is not just a set of concepts, it is a tool that people use to communicate and Express their thoughts. Find examples of how a word is used in the text.

Use pictures

Draw small pictures to remember the meaning of the word. Can’t draw? Not scary, it’s even better. Our brain receives so much monotonous information that a strange picture is a kind of surprise, and we always remember surprises. Our brains are better at reading visual information. Draw a funny picture illustrating the meaning of a word and you will remember it much faster.

Make up stories

English learners often complain that there are too many new words and they are difficult to remember. There is one technique you can use to quickly learn words. Make up any, even ridiculous story, which involves all the words in English. Imagine it in detail.

The main thing is time

Psychologists who study the processes of remembering, argue that there is a good way to remember things quickly and for a long time. Use a new word as soon as you recognize it. Then use it after 10 minutes. Then an hour later. Then the next day. Then a week later. After that, you will hardly have to make an effort to remember it – the new vocabulary will remain with you forever.

Effective technique of memorizing English words

1.Make sentences with each word from the list

2.Use words in the story

3.Write words on cards and practice every day

4.Use dictation to memorize the spelling of words

5.Train words in conversation with a friend Make sentences with each word from the list


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