The Snow Queen.

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  • Storyteller
  • Kay
  • Gerda
  • The Snow Queen
  • Granny
  • The King’s Counsellor
  • Gentleman Crow
  • Lady Crow
  • Prince
  • Princess
  • The Old Robber Woman
  • The Little Robber Girl
  • Reindeer
  • 5 robbers

Scene 1

Storyteller:   Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there lived an old woman with her grandchildren. I would like to tell you what happened to a boy called Kay. But silence. Let’s begin.

(A poor room, a fireplace, 2 armchairs, rose bushes)

Gerda: Hello, boys and girls! This is my brother. We live here, in this little house with our Granny. My name is Gerda.

Kay: And my name is Kay.

Gerda: What’s it?

Kay: Here is our Granny. Let’s frighten her.

Gerda: All right!

(The children are running around the room trying to hide.)

(A man enters)

Kay: Bow-wow-wow!

Gerda: Miaow-miaow!

Man: What’s going on in this house? Why are you shouting? You silly children!

Gerda: We are very sorry! We think you are our Granny.

(Granny enters)

Kay: Granny!

Gerda: Our Granny!

Granny: My dear children!

Man: Good evening, ma’am!

Granny: Good evening, sir! Who are you?

Man: I’m the King’s Counsellor! I want to buy the roses.

Granny: Do you like flowers?

Man: No, I hate them.

Granny: Why do you want to buy them?

Man: I buy rarities. In winter flowers are rare! Here are ten pounds for your roses.

Granny: I am not going to sell the roses. We like them very much.

Gerda: Yes, we love them.

Man: Thirty pounds:

Granny: No!

Man: Fifty:

Granny: No!

Man: I’m the King’s Counsellor! I’m very rich! I sell ice. I know the Snow Queen! I can buy anything!

Granny: They are not for sale.

Man: You are a crazy old woman!

Kay: Don’t shout at our Granny! She is so kind!

Man: Well, I’ll tell the Snow Queen about you!

Kay: What an angry man!

Gerda: Granny, who is the Snow Queen?

(The sounds of mysterious music)

Granny: The Snow Queen lives in the North! She is very beautiful but very cruel!

(The sounds of the blizzard)

(The Snow Queen appears)

The Snow Queen: Have you seen the Mystic Queen

Riding in her limousine

If you like I’ll take you there

Snow- white colours you can wear.

Kay: Oh! Who are you?

S.Q.: I am the Snow Queen. Good evening!

Granny: Good evening! Sit down, please!

S.Q.: No! It is very hot for me! You are very nice but old and poor. And I am very rich but alone. So, I’ll take this boy from you!

Kay: What? Granny! I don’t want to go with her!

Gerda: Granny! Don’t give Kay to her!

S.Q.: Kay! You’ll be my son! You will live in the beautiful palace!

Kay: I don’t want!

(The Snow Queen touches Kay with her magic wand. The frightful music sounds.)

Kay: Ha-ha-ha! How fat and funny you are!

Gerda: What’s the matter?

Granny: I don’t recognize you!

Kay: I don’t want to live in this poor house! I am leaving. Goodbye!

(He runs out)

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