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The problem of Internet addiction among teenagers.

The term «Internet addiction» was introduced by Dr. I.Goldberg in 1996 to describe an unconsciously long time on the Internet. A teenager is a constantly developing person who is looking for answers to vital questions for him: «Who am I? Why me? Who am I for? what am I?». It is known that the most important psychological neoplasm of this age is the formation of self-consciousness. An important feature that characterizes the self-consciousness of a teenager is the feeling of adulthood. So, the teenager puts himself in the situation of an adult in the system of real relations. Internet addiction contributes to the formation of a number of psychological problems in adolescents: conflict behavior, chronic depression, preference for the virtual space of real life, the difficulties of adaptation in society, the loss of the ability to control the time spent at the computer, the emergence of a sense of discomfort in the absence of the possibility of using the Internet. There may be various reasons for the constant need to use the Internet. Consider some of them.

 1.Hacking. Passion for finding information and applying such knowledge characterizes the personal transformation known as hacking.

 2.Game activity. Game activity is widely recognized as an extremely important point of development, both individual and human communities. However, in the interest of computer games often tend to see a threat to the development of personality, especially when it comes to teenagers who have a dependence on games, when avid players go from the real world problems with its complexity and intractable problems.

3.Communication activities on the Internet. Communication activities carried out through the Internet are varied in many ways. Internet addiction is almost unanimously recognized as a negative direction of transformation of the teenager’s personality, transformation of activities mediated by interaction with the Internet. Therefore, all teenage users are caught by the same network and are at the same risk.

A practical researches were conducted among tenagers 14-15 years of school № 21, Shakhty. The the researching  involved 47 people. The method we used was a modified test questionnaire by Kimberly Young, adapted by V. Loskutova. The test itself contains 20 questions with 5 possible answers to each of them. It aims to identify «Internet addiction» and determine its extent. We chose this method, as we rely on the experience of Dr. Yang, who has been dealing with this problem for many years.

Based on the results obtained by the method  of  K. Young, it can be seen that only 4% of the surveyed adolescents do not have «Internet addiction». Therefore, it can be concluded that:

  1. Internet addiction is inherent in 96 % of respondents.

2.A high degree of Internet addiction is observed in 67 % of the surveyed adolescents.

  1. Persons with a low degree of Internet addiction and persons who are not affected by it at all, make up only 20% of the total number of respondents.

Based on the findings, we can say that at the present stage teenager most of his free time left to himself; he chooses how, where and with whom it is convenient to spend time. And often this choice falls on the Internet, which, as we have already found out, leads to the syndrome of «Internet addiction».


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